Shanghai shenyuan promotes innovation and upgrading of electric vehicle lines

Date:2019-04-29 Views:444

The promotion and application of electric vehicle is not only a revolution of automobile cable technology, but also will cause the technical upgrading of automobile cable manufacturing industry, becoming a new technical innovation field of cable industry.

Different from traditional oil-fired vehicles, electric vehicles are completely powered by electricity to achieve the goal of environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction. Electric vehicle cable is a new type of cable, which will no longer be restricted by oil aging resistance, but will be replaced by strict halogen-free, environmental protection performance index assessment.

Therefore, it is imperative to develop environment-friendly electric and automobile electric wires in the future development process. Shanghai shenyuan has timely developed ac and dc charging cables and high-voltage shielding/non-shielding cables in cars. Compared with other products, Shanghai shenyuan these products have halogen-free, green environmental protection, easy to install, the full range of size and other product advantages, suitable for the major mainstream manufacturers connector, rich application cases, suitable for a variety of vehicle matching programs, fully meet customer requirements.

It is understood that Shanghai shenyuan high temperature line was established in January 1998, located in waigang town, jiading district, Shanghai. It is a professional company dedicated to the development and production of new energy automobile cable, robot cable, teflon wire, silicone rubber wire, fire-resistant wire and other special wire and cable. Shenyuan high temperature line currently has 11 extrusion line production capacity, at the same time has a full set of inspection and test equipment, to provide means and guarantee product quality.

Shanghai shenyuan high temperature line has also passed 3C, CE, UL, CQC and other product certification, and has its own patent certificate. In 2016, on the basis of the original ISO9001 quality system, we passed the TS16949 certification, and we have comprehensive quality management to escort your use of quality.

Therefore, in terms of performance, environmental protection and market potential, Shanghai shenyuan new automobile wire has a great advantage, especially the successful trial production of these new products is very meaningful, indicating that the pace of shenyuan product research and development has begun to keep up with the world's advanced level.