Leading technology and creates safe and reliable fire-resistant cables

Date:2019-04-29 Views:452

In China, the wire and cable industry is the second largest industry after the automobile industry, with product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share of more than 90%. As one of the world's major r&d and production bases of wire and cable products, China has formed strong productivity.

At present, the leading enterprise of refractory cable production in China has emerged, and Shanghai shenyuan is one of them. Through increasing r&d investment and service innovation, it has been more and more accepted and affirmed by the industry and users in terms of brand influence, product quality and service standard.

Shanghai shenyuan fire-resistant cable is made of glass fiber braid + fluorogold mica belt through special process. The main features are high temperature resistance, insulation, fire retardant, aging resistance, high strength, etc. Its temperature tolerance ranges from -60 ° c to 1200 ° c, and it adopts fixed laying and external flame combustion without harmful and toxic gases. It is suitable for various high-temperature operation fields such as electric heating, petroleum processing, mechanical and electrical equipment, power plant, drying path, drying room, heating light source and electric heating appliance.

With the leading performance in the industry, Shanghai shenyuan fire-resistant cable not only obtained the national patent, but also obtained the CE certification and UL certification, and has UL5107, UL5128, UL5335, JF 1000 and other models.

Shanghai shenyuan high temperature line was established in January 1998, located in waigang town, jiading district, Shanghai. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of special wires and cables. The main products are silicone wire, fire-resistant wire, ground sensor coil, high temperature cable, high temperature line, teflon line, electric car line, UL certification line, high temperature cable, high temperature cable, etc. The company has passed the 3C, CE, UL, CQC and other product certification, and has its own patent certificate. In 2016, on the basis of the original ISO9001 quality system, we passed the TS16949 certification, and we have comprehensive quality management to escort your use of quality.

Since 1998, Shanghai shenyuan high temperature line co., ltd. has focused on business research and development and sales, established a strict quality control system, and established a good customer service team. For a long time, "customer satisfaction" is its consistent policy to adhere to and implement, shenyuan pursue the introduction and promotion of new technology, new technology and new concept of similar industrial products at home and abroad, and constantly pursue high quality, with excellent products and quality service to repay the trust and support of all sectors of society! Shanghai shenyuan sincerely hopes to develop hand in hand with customers and friends all over the world and create a better tomorrow.